5 Brands Using The World Cup 2018 To Engage Social Media Audiences

Whether you love it or hate it, #WorldCup fever is officially in full swing! With national emotions running high, social media streams are bustling with football chatter and there’s lots to play for, especially for those brands and businesses willing to join in.

Regardless of whether you understand the offside rule or not, joining the conversation can build brand awareness, shine a light on important issues, and in some cases even increase revenue.

We wanted to highlight 5 clever ways some of the UK’s biggest brands are getting behind Team England in their own way to engage social media audiences!

1. Macmillan Cancer Support

This first campaign illustrates how the platform of the World Cup can be used to promote awareness of other key issues. Relating the message back to football and adding personality has made the often-taboo topic of cancer much more approachable.

The post is rounded off with practical advice for checking for signs of cancer and an engaging video to draw the eye, making it our front runner.

Consider how your organisation could maximise coverage of crucial issues by linking into events with similar target audiences.

2. Iceland Foods

Iceland Foods are always keen to stand out from the crowd with their quick-witted sense of humour and the Iceland vs Argentina match was a perfect excuse to show it off. Lots of brands have started to adopt a more light-hearted tone of voice because it can provide organisations with a personality that resonates with audiences.

These instances are really shareable which mean lots of the work in spreading the message is actually done by your followers.

We‚Äôre by no means recommending this approach for all organisations, but where a more comical tone of voice is appropriate, there’s no harm in having a little fun!

3. Deliveroo

This campaign is a good example of thinking outside the (penalty) box — sorry couldn’t resist. But in all seriousness, why not take Deliveroo’s lead and design competitions and offers around trending topic?

This kind of campaign is a great way to attract new prospective customers as well as keep existing customers engaged with your brand.

TOP TIP — Don’t forget about #hashtags! As Deliveroo have done, either create your own hashtag to go alongside those associated with the world cup, or use the main #WorldCup tag to ensure that your content is seen!

4. Lifestyles Fitness

This campaign by Liverpool City Council is another prime example of how organisations can not only celebrate and reward their existing customers, but also gather important information.

In the wake of the GDPR, it is more important than ever to ensure your customers’ data is up to date. This competition to win a month’s free gym membership will help the organisation to refresh their bank of contact details to ensure future campaigns also reach their customers.

Have you considered how your organisation could use competitions more strategically to help meet your business objectives?

5. Coral

Finally, Coral shows just how easy it is to join the conversation. Posing questions in polls is a simple way to create debate and get an insight into your audience’s thoughts and feelings. This information can then be used to refine your next football related posts.

For instance, if one player is an overwhelming favourite with your audience then focus on them and consider what content you could create around players like Harry Kane.

Of course, the FIFA World Cup is just one of the amazing events going on this Summer so if football doesn’t fit with your brand or target audience, check out our July 2018 calendar of upcoming social media events and #hashtags you can get involved with.

As always, we love hearing how you’re getting creative, planning and publishing unique and engaging content around the World Cup and other events, or even what you think of this post — let us know @SoCrowd