SoCrowd and BECG digital survey 2022: The results

The pandemic changed a lot. We’ve all got used to a ‘new normal’ in so many areas of life. 

For organisations, one of the developments has been a huge shift towards digital. Especially in the built environment sector. And it happened fast. 

Now the dust’s settled, it’s time to take stock. How have things changed for digital pros working in the built environment? Is there room for improvement? 

Our parent company BECG wanted to find out. So earlier this year they launched a survey to discover how things have changed for organisations in the sector? What opportunities lie ahead for brands in the built environment? 

The results are in and we are sharing the findings of the 2022 digital survey.

Older and wiser 

More and more businesses are adopting digital-first strategies in their comms. It’s becoming an enterprise approach that encompasses every channel. 

And that’s not all. Survey responses showed that brands with higher digital maturity are looking at workflows and governance to track their return on investment from digital. 

In other words, the more digitally mature an organisation is, the more business leaders focus on the strategy and grow in their confidence in investing in digital comms. 

Digital growth 

The survey data showed an increase in budgets to deliver digital-first strategies. Organisations in the built environment are recognising the importance of digital – they’re investing in it heavily, because it’s where the future lies.  

Digital teams are growing in size, too, to keep up with the mounting demands of a digital-first world. 

The future for digital 

Content is king. It’s been said before, but in 2022 content marketing is still on the up, and it’s only set to grow further. Brands who mean business in the built environment are investing in content that adds value and helps audiences understand what they’re all about. 

It’s an area that’s still developing, with video on the increase and immersive technology entering the arena. Content is driving the industry forward beyond 2022. 

Get inside the insights 

Want to drill down into the detail? Wondering how your organisation measures up to other brands in the built environment sector?  

Head over to our digital survey results to explore the use and effectiveness of digital communications in the built environment sector. Compare 2022 with 2021 to see the trends emerging so you can keep your brand up to date with digital.