Social Media Customer Service

The customer is always right. You can make sure they’re always happy too, with faster resolution and a joined-up response thanks to collaborative customer service software.

Problem resolved

Respond to customer care issues quickly, never miss a message and work smarter with automated alerts and intelligent workflows across all your teams.

It’s a team game

With a single view for all customer enquiries and care, you can make sure the right team gets the right message for speedier resolution.

Collaboration stations

All activity is audited across all your teams, and you can all add notes, track sentiments and close resolved enquiries. So there’s no duplication. Just happy customers.

Spot the stars

Spot your best colleagues and measure productivity to inspire the whole team.

Set and scale

Set up your team settings and permissions to match your organisation and compliance. Scale up to handle large volumes of enquiries, shifting between conversations to private direct messages if you need to.

We’ve got your back

You can contact our Customer Success Team whenever you need help. We’ll give you plenty of training and support too via phone, email and chat. Partnership is in our DNA and so we’ll be regularly reaching out to you.

Learn with us

With bespoke training and access to our modular e-learning programme and guides, we can train up all your users and teams. And get you involved in our user community events too.


Ready to provide exceptional social customer service?