Get all your social media visuals organised with SoCrowd’s Asset Library

Today we’re excited to announce the release of SoCrowd’s new Asset Library! Manage and publish all your approved visual social media content in one place.

Did you know only 27% marketers have a system for managing their visual content – that’s a lot of people without a solid planning and management system.

Storing assets locally on your laptop is easy but hinders team collaboration. Online tools like Google Drive or Dropbox make it easy to share content, but there can be a lot of back-and-forth accessing images and managing who has access.

SoCrowd’s social media Asset Library is available for all new and existing users at no extra cost! You can join our webinar for a walk-through of the new feature to learn more and see it in action. But why use the library at all?

Social media visuals in one place

By having all assets stored in a centralised library, you can easily find what you’re looking for. Assets won’t be lost when someone leaves, or inaccessible when they’re only stored on one person’s locked computer.

Upload all your visual content assets for your whole team to access, making social media content creation quicker and easier.

Save time by uploading content straight out of the asset library into your posts. Content is exactly where you need it to be. No more trawling through computer folders looking for an image that you *think* may be on your computer.

Custom user access permissions

Not everyone needs access to everything. Admin users can give team members editorial or read-only access to the folders. This saves time and confusion as users can access and publish their on-brand social media visual content.

Asset Library Image

Simpler sharing and collaboration

Collaborate across your social team and external agencies in a controlled and coordinated way. Any user with the right permissions can access the library, from anywhere. 

By having assets in one central library, you won’t risk losing valuable content if someone leaves or is locked out of their computer. 

Consistent on-brand visuals

You can work safely in the knowledge that approved images uploaded to the Asset Library are signed off by the Brand, Comms or Marketing team and ready to publish. Using branded content or approved visuals is easy when they are all stored in one place!

Want to repurpose compelling content for more than one campaign? Your visual assets are right there in your asset library, ready for use at any time.

Asset Library Image

Keeping it simple

The Asset Library helps your teams plan, schedule and publish by choosing the right visuals from the asset library directly in posting. No more navigating through computer folders to find the right image for a post!

Organise your files and easily navigate through folders to find the asset you’re looking for. Simply select the asset to be able to view, download or delete it from the library.

We made social media content management easy

The SoCrowd asset library means you can keep all your branded visual content safe in one central, organised space. All teams should be able to work effectively, so you’re invited to a free personalised demo to discover more.