Social Media Agencies

Managing social media for a single client? Or for a hundred? No job’s too small or too big. SoCrowd makes light work of the plate spinning, with all the collaboration and reporting tools you need.

Non-uniform day

Every client is different, and with SoCrowd you can shape the software to meet each of their needs. Bend it and shape it with custom notifications, reporting and analytics.

Create that content

Streamlined Publishing Processes for multiple clients with content approval built in. Comprehensive Monitoring & Engagement to make customer service easier and better, pinpointing engagement opportunities.

Work better together

Customisable Workflows to configure SoCrowd around your teams and permissions. Internal Collaboration to manage anything from 2 to 2,000 social media accounts. Options for Growth with separate and secure environments for each client.

Reporting for duty

Detailed Analytics with high-level infographics giving you all the key measurements. Custom Reporting so you can assess specific campaigns and date ranges, both paid and organic.

We’ve got your back

You can contact our Customer Success Team whenever you need help. We’ll give you plenty of training and support too via phone, email and chat. Partnership is in our DNA and so we’ll be regularly reaching out to you.


Learn with us

With bespoke training and access to our modular e-learning programme and guides, we can train up all your users and teams. And get you involved in our user community events too.

Ready to realise the potential for
your Client’s Social Crowd?