Six ways your social media management platform can save you time

Time is an expensive luxury for us folks working within busy marketing, digital and communications teams. Many organisations don’t fully appreciate the time it takes to manage, coordinate and deliver social media successfully across a complex enterprise organisation! As Social Media and Marketing Manager’s we often find ourselves balancing time between multiple departments, coordinating requests and tasks across customer service, marketing and sales. Sound familiar?

Establishing time saving processes is key to any successful Enterprise Social Media Manager’s role. Take a look at these six ways a Social Media Management Platform that is built for enterprise can help to save you precious time:

Avoid manually logging in to multiple social media accounts

When you’re tasked with managing multiple social media accounts across multiple networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc) it can become an extremely time-consuming process to have to manually log in to each individual account to publish content, check newsfeeds and report on key metrics. A social media management platform like SoCrowd enables you to access multiple accounts across multiple social media networks with one login and see the activity of these accounts from one simple dashboard. You can then publish and schedule content to published later across all of your accounts to save you buckets of time!

View customer social media history instantly

Social Media Conversations History in SoCrowd

When handling many messages across multiple social media accounts, it can become a real challenge to keep up to speed with the history, tone and context of the previous conversations that have taken place. Even more so when you have multiple employees responding to these enquiries. Through the SoCrowd Conversations feature set you can see previous customer history and their conversations with just a few clicks of a button. By writing internal notes against the conversation you and your colleagues are also able to quickly get up to speed with how the issue has progressed and the current state of play. There is also the ability to mark the sentiment of the conversation, so yourself and your colleagues can see quickly identify how happy the customer is. A useful tool in ensuring quick and accurate responses to your customers.

Forget feeling like a social media postman

Social Media Workflows Automation in SoCrowd

Often feel like you’re having to screenshot a customer’s tweet/post… email it to a colleague to get an appropriate response… wait for a reply… then finally post back to the customer? By setting up automated workflows for social media messages, you can stop feeling like a social postman! For example, identify specific keywords included in your inbound messages, and automatically notify a member of your team or assign the message to the most suitable user to respond to that enquiry directly! Keep oversight of all your inbound enquiries, save yourself and you team valuable time, and respond to customer enquiries more quickly!

Instant reporting on social media posts, accounts & users

Instant Social Media Analytics Reporting

Reporting plays a vital role within any Digital/Marketing Manager’s role but with so many metrics available it can often become a time-consuming process, especially if you are having to log in to multiple accounts and social media networks. Access instant reports that can give you a birds eye view of your social media performance. The SoCrowd social media reporting features enable you to see instant results at an individual post level, and our social media analytics features you can get an overview of your social media performance across a set time-period as well as have the ability to drill down into specific metrics. All of these reports can be exported to PDF and downloaded straight to your computer, ready to be shared with your team!

Receive notifications for when you need to respond

Social Media Notifications Alerts

There just simply isn’t enough hours in the day to keep a close eye on all of your inbound enquiries, plan and publish content, manage other social media users, carry out reporting AND focus on the other duties of your role. Set up notifications that can be sent direct to your inbox on an instant, hourly and daily basis, notifying you of relevant inbound messages that require action. You can also set up notifications if your colleagues require their content to be approved and/or validated before being published. Another great way to save valuable time and enable you and your team to get on with your day!

No need to share & save passwords

Social Media Account Individual Login Password

A common challenge in enterprise organisations with multiple social media accounts is password security. From shared passwords to passwords being stored on post-it notes, we’ve seen it all! Having access to a personalised login prevents the security issue associated with sharing passwords, and enables all of your social media users to access your corporate social media accounts via their individual secure password which you can create (and remember!)