Six tips to manage multiple social media accounts

For larger organisations, putting social media at the heart of any marketing and communications, customer service, and community engagement efforts often requires multiple social media accounts. Each brand, location, division or business unit could require its own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.

Additionally, we see more and more corporate marketing teams receive requests from various departments or locations to set up these additional social media accounts on their behalf (at least, that is what happens when the marketing team is notified). It’s not uncommon for enthusiastic employees to organically create brand new accounts without ever informing the marketing or social media team.

If you’re not careful, multiple accounts across multiple social media networks can result in the corporate team losing control of their social media presence and brand reputation!

With this growth and excitement for social media, many social media managers are tasked with coordinating and servicing multiple social media channels across multiple teams and multiple locations. If you find yourself in this position, take a look at our six tips below to help save you time, energy and ensure the social media you are delivering is first class!

1. Audit your accounts & networks

Before you jump in the deep end to plan, create and post content across multiple social media accounts, the best place to start is with a full audit of all the accounts that have been created and represent your organisation. It’s important to understand what accounts you have, who owns or has access to each of them, which accounts are active and which are not, how many followers or how much engagement does each account generate (if any). Additionally, ensure the accounts and networks match your target audience – for example, LinkedIn is generally more suitable for Business-to-Business organisations. This will give you a good foundation to focus your efforts and structure your social media strategy, helping you decide where to focus your time and resources.

Multiple Social Media Account Dashboard

2. Get a single view of all accounts

It’s simply not practical to keep an eye on all 10, 20 or 100 different accounts by manually logging in to the native Twitter or Facebook apps. Maximise your time and efficiency by plugging in all of your social media accounts into a social media management platform. This will enable you to quickly select different accounts and view multiple feeds via one dashboard. This will save you time, allow you to respond much more quickly, and also reduces your level of social media risk.

3. Get access to insights

When managing multiple social media accounts, multi-tasking and efficiency are critical skills that any successful social media manager needs in their toolbox. Ensure you can get instant insights into your outbound and inbound social media content so you can check engagement and reach levels from individual posts, and importantly, you can compare the performance of different accounts against each other, to help you understand which accounts are performing best and ensure that your social media content and engagement is delivering results.

4. Automate as much as you can

Cut down time spent on tasks that could be automated and avoid spending 24/7 checking your accounts for customer complaints to pass to the customer service, or new enquiries to pass to the sales team, or spam comments that need to be deleted. Instead, set up automatic notifications to be sent straight to your email inbox. This will enable you to prioritise and respond to enquiries that require urgent action or need further investigation. Set up automatic workflows so that the right enquiries from the right accounts are forwarded to the right colleagues (stopping you from feeling like a social postman!)

5. Schedule content ahead of time

A common challenge many social media managers face when managing multiple social media accounts is engaging and building trusted relationships with multiple audiences across multiple accounts. In marketing, we often refer to the 80/20 rule, where we need to be spending 80% of our time planning and 20% in delivery. However, in reality this often ends up in the reverse. By having a clear social media strategy and plan in place, you will be able to prepare and schedule tailored content for each of your social media channels. Using a social media management platform like SoCrowd, you’ll also be able to simultaneously schedule and publish content across multiple accounts, as well as share and engage with content across your channels, saving you valuable hours (which can be used to engage and build relationships reactively with your customers).

6. Simple reporting

An element that all too often gets neglected when we are busy delivering. Evaluating your social media content is key to assess whether your efforts are being fruitful or if you need to adjust your game plan. However, collecting and analysing data across multiple social media accounts can become extremely time-consuming. Setting up a simple reporting process is a quick-win for any social media manager, take a look at our six metrics that you need to be reporting. With the right reporting and analytics tools in place you will enable you to set up and save a reporting process, view and analyse social media data at profile level and compare across multiple accounts and campaigns, so you can see what content is working and delivering ROI for your organisation.

Managing multiple social media accounts can become an all-encompassing job, however with the right tools, resources and processes in place you can effectively coordinate and manage multiple accounts that deliver real business benefits.