Keep your customers satisfied

SoCrowd comes with a range of Social CRM tools to help you answer queries faster, prioritise key issues, while working smarter together as a team. You can eyeball everything that’s happening and control every account.

A million questions. One single stream.

No matter how much is going on, you’ll see every customer enquiry, public and private, in one single stream. So you can send queries to the right team and get them answered quicker. SoCrowd helps you work more effectively as a team and also saves you valuable time.

You’ve been pinged

Set up automated alerts and intelligent workflows. So you can see every conversation, across every team, location, channel and account.

It’s a team thing

With a record of every engagement, everyone can see what’s been going on. So there’s no duplicated effort or responses. And you can track how customers feel about your response and share best practice across the team.

Good, better, best

SoCrowd lets you spot your top teams and performers. And what they’re doing right. So you can share hints and tips and build everyone’s skills. Customer response just gets better and better.

Don’t just take our word for it

Understand from our customers how SoCrowd empowers them to enhance and protect their online reputation.

James Coyne, GLL

James Coyne

Social Media Manager, GLL

My advice for other social media managers looking to start a social media project like this would be to ensure that you have senior management buy-in. Secondly, use your Customer Success Manager, the team at SoCrowd know how to help you get a great project set up so use their knowledge and insight to ensure the project is a success.

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