Bring everything together

Having complete control over users, social media profiles, content and priorities is at the heart of our management and, with SoCrowd, it can be at the heart of yours too.

Run a tight social ship

One careless post can scupper your reputation. SoCrowd lets you take complete control, with only authorised users allowed in. You can shape the admin suite to mirror your organisation’s structure and how you do things.

Who, what, when

SoCrowd keeps a record of all your activity, so you can see who posted what, when and to whom. It shows you everyone who’s been involved. So you can see errors and check if anyone needs extra training.

Dial up the control

Rule or role-based workflows ensure that you avoid any red faces before messages go public. Drill down to the whole conversation to make sure that even harmless responses to inflammatory conversations can be flagged and approved.

Act with speed

Lock down your social media assets if something goes wrong. And keep your team updated as things develop. Hit the pause button on any scheduled posts. You’re in full control of all your social activity.

Turn the tables

Surface customer service enquiries or potential issues quickly and get them to the right people in the right teams. And you avoid any issue becoming a crisis. Turn reputation protection into reputation enhancement.  

Two heads are better than one

Encourage collaboration between teams and sites. And make sure that your local teams are staying on message so you’re always speaking with one voice.

Don’t take our word for it

Find out from our customers how SoCrowd empowers them to enhance and protect their online reputation.

Lizzie Dixon, Global Communities Manager, RICS

Lizzie Dixon

Global Communities Manager, RICS

My favourite SoCrowd feature is the Buzz Monitor, this allows the team to access and engage with relevant online conversations with people who may not have tagged us or used our hashtag. It gives us a great overview of online sentiment around our brand and the industry around us. This feature is also great for all of our departments as they can have a keyword social report hit their inbox daily without having to manually look for this.

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