Engage and inspire your audience

Our powerful Social Media Engagement Tool gives you everything you need to shape some great campaigns and content. Your teams can spot ways to get conversations started, interact and engage. It’s all quick and easy to use. So you can focus on the people, rather than the platform.

Instant insights

As soon as you’ve posted, you’ll get real-time insights covering number of clicks, your reach and more. You can then reply to comments and react to opportunities or challenges instantly.

SoCrowd James and Jordan

Keep up the conversation

With all of your inbound content in one place, you’ll never miss a comment. That keeps customer service happy, and on the ball. You can flag any particular social media noise or assign messages to other users and teams.

Eye on the dash

You can see all your inbound, outbound, public and private inbound messages on a single dashboard. So you can focus on what’s really important, what’s working and where your engagement is coming from.

Brilliant resolution

See enquiries and issues as they come in and assign them to the right people or teams so you can get things resolved, quickly. Keeping your customer service team happy, not to mention your customers. 

Spot the influencer

In one click you can see the people who are reacting with your brand the most. Then you can get them even more engaged and involved, and ramp up the brand message.

Don’t take our word for it

Understand from our customers how SoCrowd empowers them to enhance and protect their online reputation.

Nadine Hilliard, Greenwood Academies Trust

Nadine Hilliard

Media & Communications Manager, Greenwood Academies Trust

SoCrowd takes away all the stress associated with managing multiple social media accounts, and the risks of losing accounts when staff members leave and take the login details with them. It also opens up the potential for many more staff members to safely get on-board and engage in social media.

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