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Social media is about watching and gaining insights just as much as posting. SoCrowd lets you spot ways to engage, while also keeping an eye on your competitors and wider industry, and picking up on any issues that could damage your reputation.

Get insights and take action

Easily assess your social data to make smart decisions and plans, flag areas of concern or opportunities to be exploited.

Real-time results

Get alerts that hit your inbox when you need it by choosing an alert frequency that suits you. Get results in real-time or opt for an hourly or daily update so you’re always in the know.

Smart sentiment

With sentiment at the heart of things you can read the room across your social communities and the issues and topics people are focusing on. So you have a heads up on how you might want to handle the situation and even individual posts.

Monitor the media

Understand how and where you’re being talked about in the media and across the blogging platforms and easily share this across your social channels. 


Zoom in on the chatter with geo-targeting. Zero in on places, towns and regions so you can engage on the ground and build new relationships. 

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