Crisis? What crisis?

Social platforms are risky places. If a conversation goes off kilter you could end up losing some of your brand’s hard-won reputation. SoCrowd lets you stay in control by letting you lock down access and push content to drown out any unwelcome noise.

Dial up the control

Lock down your social media assets if something goes wrong. And keep your team updated as things develop. Hit the pause button on any scheduled posts. You’re in full control of all your social activity.

Look out

Keep your eyes peeled for any keywords around an incident, product, service or hashtag. And use social listening to spot trends that might shape your messaging. Understand the sentiment in real-time.

Everyone’s in the know

Email alerts can keep you up to speed with an issue. And let your team know what’s happening too.

Gaffe-free zone

Any sensitive keywords or phrases are flagged. So if there’s an issue going on, you won’t make things worse by posting something inappropriate.

Don’t just take our word for it

Understand from our customers how SoCrowd empowers them to enhance and protect their online reputation.

Helen Kennedy, Wiltshire Police

Helen Kennedy

Head of Media, Wiltshire Police

We needed a social media management tool to help monitor multiple accounts with ease from one central place, and to enable us to moderate and flag posts that say ‘help’

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