Head embarrassing posts
off at the pass

SoCrowd makes sure your social media policies are followed to the letter. So any content that could damage your reputation will never ever get posted. Ever.

Compliant content

Set up rules for checking content before it leaves the building, so you always stay compliant. That’s vital in sectors like finance and health. And use the rules as ‘two sets of eyes’ if you’re training new employees.

Who, what, when

SoCrowd keeps a record of all your activity, so you can see who posted what, when and to whom. It shows you everyone who’s been involved. So you can see errors and check if anyone needs extra training.

The best policy

A secure policy storage tool helps you stay compliant too. Upload as many files as you need, so you can share guidelines and policies with everyone.

Rules and Roles

Set up your workflows to make sure that your policies and guidelines are automatically policed, so you stop any red faces before a message causes lasting damage.

Understand the context

Put every conversation under the spotlight so that even harmful responses to inflammatory or sensitive content can be sent through for approval. Flag sensitive topics to users so they know to spend a little more time thinking how the response could be taken.

Data protected

Stay GDPR compliant by keeping a record of all your interactions. Your archive shows that you’ve used social media responsibly and fairly.

Don’t just take our word for it

Find out from our customers how SoCrowd empowers them to enhance and protect their online reputation.

Chris Puszcynski-Phelps, Serco

Chris Puszczynski-Phelps

Digital Media Manager, Serco

SoCrowd beat the competition hands down. The company offered innovative technology wrapped up in one, easy to use package, add to this the superior security features and industry know-how and we had found a winning formula.

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