Run a tight social ship

One careless post can scupper your reputation. SoCrowd lets you take complete control, with only authorised users allowed in. You can shape the admin suite to mirror your organisation’s structure and how you do things.

The guest list

With individual login details, you can make sure that users can only access the accounts they need to. Every login, every action, it’s all tracked and logged.

No tresspassing

All users have unique, secure logins so you can protect each social media account. No one gets in who shouldn’t. And no one has to share usernames and passwords.

Safety is in the detail

With lots of user permission options, you can configure SoCrowd to match your organisation. Separate the read-only colleagues from the managers. Treat new starters differently to your loyal and experienced brand ambassadors.

Content controls

Rule or role-based workflows ensure that you avoid any red faces before messages go public. Drill down to the whole conversation to make sure that even harmless responses to inflammatory conversations can be flagged and approved.

Don’t just take our word for it

Find out from our customers how SoCrowd empowers them to enhance and protect their online reputation.

Aiden Bowden

Service Delivery Coordinator, South Staffs Water & Cambridge Water

“In a crisis or incident, the Conversations view gives you everything all in one place. If I close a conversation it will get re-opened automatically when required. SoCrowd gives us access to all incoming interactions all in one place.”

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