Meet the SoCrowd Team: Jordan Smith

In the latest instalment of this series we’re getting to know Jordan from our Customer Success Team.

Read on to find out what makes Jordan tick, how he translates customer needs into software development and what he’s won multiple trophies for!

Q1. What’s your role at SoCrowd?

I’m a Customer Support Advisor and Trainer.

Q2. What does your typical working day look like?

I get to work at about 8:30am and the first thing I do is check my emails and our support web chat to answer any questions that might have come in through the evening.

I’ll then catch up with our Product Manager, Marc Fulner and the Development team to share the latest customer feedback I’ve had on our features and understand when new functionality will be available on the platform.

In the afternoon I might have online training sessions booked to train new users on our software or provide a refresher for existing teams.

Of course, throughout the day I’ll also be answering any customer calls that come through and working to help with any challenges that are raised on our web chat!

Q3. What’s the best part of your day?

Definitely helping new users to get to grips with the software. It’s particularly satisfying when at first a user is a bit skeptical about using SoCrowd but by the end of the training they can see how the platform will help them and are excited to get using it. Such a good feeling!

Q4. How is the information and feedback you receive from customers fed into the software development?

So, we take all feedback on board as it’s so important to help us tailor our software to the needs of customers and develop a more valuable product. The same goes for new feature requests, each of these is logged.

I then liaise with Marc, our Product Manager and the Development team to decide which features will provide the most benefit to as many of our customers as possible and also which fit with our product vision.

We take the ideas that tick both of those boxes forward to development and turn it into real software which is a very cool process to see!

Q5. What do you get up to outside work?

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I really like travelling and experiencing new things and places, so I’ll often go on lots of short breaks within the year to pack trips in.

I’m also a Birmingham City F.C. fan so try to go to a game at least once every couple of months!

Finally, tell us a fun fact that few people know about you

I’ve got a black belt in kick-boxing — it’s something I was really into when I was younger and something I’d actually be interested in teaching later down the line!