Meet the SoCrowd Team: George Kolokythas

This week we sat down with George from our Customer Success Team to find out more about his advice for implementing a social media management tool, how he translates customer needs into software development, and the meaning behind his Greek surname!

Q1. What’s your role at SoCrowd?

I’m the Head of Customer Success.

Q2. What does your typical working day look like?

So I get to the office at about 9am and the first thing I do is make myself a decaf coffee and set to work responding to any emails that came in the night before.

After that I generally have a couple of progress calls booked with our customers so I prepare for those, as well as working on projects to engage our customers and keep them updated with new features in our software.

There are other days where I’ll be on the road training and/or meeting customers and prospective customers, helping them to continue to unlock more value from SoCrowd.

Whether I’m in the office or not I always make time to catch up with our development team to share feedback from customers and get updates on any changes in the software.

Q3. What’s the best part of your day?

It’s the best feeling when I finish a call with a customer knowing that by working together, we’ve achieved something great that’s helped that team to achieve their objectives, or even driven innovation in their sector!

Q4. What advice would you give organisations looking to implement a social media management tool?

In my experience, the most important first step is to speak to an expert. Don’t try to solve all the problems associated with getting a social media tool up and running on your own. You’ll get better results faster by using the expertise of people who have done it before. So reach out to people in your network who have that experience, or contact an expert.

It goes without saying that if any of our readers are in this position please feel free to drop me a message, I’m always happy to offer advice!

Q5. What part of our software do you think customers get the most value from?

I strongly believe that social media has changed and organisations are not there just to create content and post things, they’re there to help their customers and engage, and so for that reason I think our customer service suite called Conversations is super valuable!

This suite allows our customers to really nurture their audiences in a co-ordinated and organised way to provide the best experience on social media.

Q6. How is the information and feedback you receive from customers fed into developing SoCrowd?

So we have a few different meetings that happen on a daily, weekly, and on an ongoing basis to ensure that the feedback and information we receive from our customers is used to inform the development of our software.

On a daily basis we have morning stand ups where our team and the development team discuss what was worked on the day before, and what we’ll be working on that day to ensure we’re aligned.

Then every two weeks we have hand over meetings where the customer feedback we’ve collected is translated into actionable tickets for the development team to work on.

So there are quite a few stages but having this process in place is so important to ensure we’re developing our software in line with real customer needs, priorities, and objectives!

Q7. What do you get up to outside work?

I really enjoy running and I’ll usually go for a couple of 10k runs in the week, sometimes with the SoCrowd running club along the canal as you can see in the picture! If I’m not running I’ll be hanging out with friends, or playing board games or the ukulele. My favourite song to play is Over the Rainbow.
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Finally, tell us a fun fact that few people know about you!

So for those who don’t know, I’m Greek and so my surname can be a bit tricky to pronounce but it actually means pumpkin!