May 2021 Social Media Calendar Content & #Hashtag Ideas

As we start enjoying pub lunches in the sunshine and meeting friends (sticking to the rule of six!), there’s some just as exciting hashtags to get involved with in our free content calendar! ⚡️

While we’re not clapping for carers right now, #NursesDay 👨‍⚕️, #MidwivesDay 👩‍⚕️ and #RedCrossDay 🚑 are still great days to show our appreciation for front-line workers.

There are two #BankHoliday ☀️ days to enjoy in May, as well as #EatWhatYouWantDay 🍔 and #NoDietDay 🍕 to tuck into.

Download our free hashtag calendar below to get the full list of awareness days and hashtag inspiration for your social media strategy. 👇

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