Level Up Your Team Collaboration With The SoCrowd Chat Room

When the UK lockdown forced organisations to start working from home, many teams noticed the communication gap and the resulting disconnection from the rest of the organisation. The SoCrowd Chat Room connects colleagues across the organisation for collaboration, solving problems and getting support, no matter where they’re working from.

We’re showing you the top 5 ways that the SoCrowd Chat Room can help to connect your colleagues and teams!

1. Improving Communication Between Colleagues

Whether you’re working from your bedroom dresser or at your desk, the Chat Room creates clear communication channels between colleagues, teams and other departments. Messages, information and support can be shared and passed along seamlessly.

Having a central Chat Room allows your team to collaborate from wherever they’re working from, whether it’s to share and develop new ideas or just a quick informal catch-up.

SoCrowd Chat Room

2. Boosting Team Productivity

The SoCrowd Chat Room takes collaborative working to the next level, removing the need to book meetings, export email files, or even leave your desk. Once the idea has been discussed and developed, colleagues are still in front of their computer, precisely the right place to get started on the new approach, increasing productivity.

The Chat Room boosts the whole team’s productivity regardless of where people are working from, as work can be distributed evenly across the team, and the best ideas are presented.

SoCrowd Chat Room, send new chat

3. Streamlining To Save Time

With messages that deliver instantly, colleagues can have a conversation that keeps up with the realistic pace of a conversation compared to email. Using the Chat Room, colleagues can still focus on other tasks in between their conversations, saving more time than a conventional phone call or an in-person chat.

The SoCrowd Chat Room allows your colleagues to streamline their conversations to focus on collaboration and creative ideas, without taking up too much time in their day.

SoCrowd Chat Room, share Conversation to chat

4. Moving With the Times

In our recent remote working survey for marketing, comms and social media professionals, Chat was the #2 preferred communication channel ahead of email and voice calls.

By providing a channel that colleagues prefer to use like the Chat Room, they will be more comfortable getting creative with their collaboration and ideation. When their best ideas are put forward, strategies are innovated that will ultimately benefit your customer experience.

Preferred communication channels of remote workers

5. Keeping Colleagues Happy

By having a channel that all of your colleagues can easily access, the Chat Room can bring your teams closer together, regardless of whether they’re in the office or not. When colleagues feel connected to the organisation, they stay engaged and happier to be a part of the team.

Use the SoCrowd Chat Room to host social conversations with the whole team, share #MondayMotivations, or post mini emoji quizzes to get everyone talking together.


When colleagues are working from different locations, team cohesion is more important than ever. The SoCrowd Chat Room is designed with team collaboration in mind to bring the whole organisation closer, for supporting on a social media conversation, splitting community management workloads and sharing successes with the rest of the team.