Social Playbook


Social Playbook

What is the social playbook you ask?

Well, it’s quite simply a social media encyclopedia you won’t be able to do without. We speak to tonnes of customers who ask us for social media hints and tips everyday, so we thought we’d save you time and bring it all in to one place.

If you work in social media, this is literally a godsend. Gone are the days where you need to go to your favourite internet browser and scroll through multiple websites to find the answers you’re looking for. The answers are all in our playbook.

With the social media platforms constantly changing their algorithms, it can feel almost impossible at times to keep on top of things, as well as having to do your day job. We’ve teamed up with our friends (and sister brand) LoveThat who are a one-stop-shop for creative expertise to give you:

  • Content that resonates per platform
  • Best practice top tips
  • Guidance on how often to post
  • And much much more

Learn the best times to post on Facebook and what the most common demographic is on Twitter. The playbook will also help you boost employee advocacy on LinkedIn and create captivating content on Instagram.

– Join 40m other businesses using Messenger to communicate with customers
– Understand which types of content your audience is interacting with

– Utilise stories and live to interact with your audience
– Realise the importance of having a visual identity running through your feed

– Get your Twitter channel in shape to utilise as a customer service platform
– Drive conversations with meaningful content

– Best practice tips on how to engage with the world’s professionals
– Utilise the platform to drive more B2B leads

It doesn’t matter if you’re a social media rookie or have been bossing the game for some time now – you NEED this in your life. Trust us.

Download now and see how we can take you to the next level.


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