Social Media Crisis Vs Service With South Staffs Water


Social Media Crisis Vs Service: Moments That Turn Us Into The Walking Dead

South Staffs WaterWhen it comes to social, things can move fast. So how do you maintain good customer service and respond when a crisis hits? Join us to hear first-hand the lessons learnt at South Staffs Water and Cambridge Water.

Discover how they use social media as a key digital channel, spanning both Customer Service and Communications to keep their 700,000 customers informed, while reducing call volumes and turning complainers into advocates.

What you’ll learn

👉 Balancing customer service and communications
👉 Implementing a S-O-C-I-A-L charter
👉 Getting returns from moving to social – it’s digital and cheap
👉 Successfully turning complainers into advocates
👉 Plus, a live Q&A at the end

Christine Howles
Communications Manager at South Staffs Water & Cambridge Water


Aiden Bowden
Wholesale Customer Experience Lead at South Staffs Water & Cambridge Water



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