Online Harm and Safety Bill – A masterclass on how to comply


Online Harm and Safety Bill – A masterclass on how to comply

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The Online Safety Bill’s purpose is to make the UK the safest place in the world to be online, regulating content platforms to tackle harmful content and misinformation online.

A noble aim, but to get there, organisations will need to risk assess their operations and services to identify the harm that users may encounter when engaging with them and comply with a brand-new statutory duty of care.

The social networks are going to be leading the way and you will need to play by their rules!

The Bill continues to evolve, and this session is designed to help you get to grips with what your new responsibilities may be, how to comply and what may happen if you fail to do so.

What will you learn from the session?

  • An overview of the online harm and safety bill
  • How you should start to prepare
  • Responsibilities for organisations and individuals
  • False advertising and misinformation – protecting the consumer
  • Use of influencers
  • A.S.A (Advertising Standards Agency) how will their remit change and what are they going to focus on
  • Compliance requirements and practical tips

Who’s this for?

  • Senior leaders within organisations
  • Communications Managers
  • Communications Execs
  • Head of Digital
  • Social Media Managers
  • Heads of Customer Service
  • Marketing Managers

About the speaker

Steve is a Partner and leads BLM’s Creative, Digital & Marketing Sector Group. Specialising in intellectual property, media, data protection, and marketing issues, he is a regular commentator on social media issues and a Co-Founder of the Bulletproof Agency Network.

Leveraging experience from his time as General Counsel for a leading online retailer alongside decades of working in private practice, Steve’s relentlessly commercial approach helps his clients see the bigger picture on any potentially complex legal issue.

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