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Is A Localised Social Media Strategy Right For You?

For organisations with multiple stores, locations or venues, social media can be a complex beast – there’s no single strategy that works for all.

Should you have a central brand account that is easy to manage but miss out on local customer engagement? Or create pages for each location but risk that it becomes unmanageable?

In collaboration with BlueFrog Media, we have drawn on our experiences working with many leading multi-site organisations and shared it all in this guide.

Download the guide to discover the 4 models to managing social media in a multi-site environment, and determine if a localised strategy is right for you.

Learn about the pro’s and con’s of each model, from central pages that are centrally managed, through to local pages that are locally managed, and everything in between.

Whether you’re just beginning to explore local social media, or have already implemented local pages and seeing results, it’s important to remember this how your customers increasingly want to engage with you.

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