How To Handle Negative Comments On Social Media With Hel Reynolds


How To Handle Negative Comments On Social Media

Join us for a masterclass in how to handle negative or unfavourable customer service comments posted on your corporate Facebook or Twitter account.

Learn why ignoring negative comments is no longer an option, and how to create a process for your organisation to reliably and professionally engage with complaints and provide a better customer experience.

We’re delighted to have Helen Reynolds join us for this webinar, an award-winning social media and digital communications professional helping organisations to be more open, effective and truthful in their communications.

Helen’s social media training has seen amazing results for participants, who go on to be more strategic, create better content and grow supportive and engaged audiences for their organisations.

In this webinar, Helen shares her best social media complaint handling tactics and advice.

What you’ll learn

  • Best practices for recognising and responding to complaints on Facebook or Twitter
  • Tips and advice for building your social media customer service processes
  • Great examples of effective social media complaint handling
  • Plus, live Q&A at the end

Helen ReynoldsHel Reynolds
Founder at CommsCreatives



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