How To Get Leadership Buy-In For Social Media With Hel Reynolds


How To Get Leadership Buy-In For Your Social Media Plans

Join us for a masterclass in how to get management buy-in for your organisation’s social media efforts and win more support internally.

Learn the typical challenges of getting leadership onboard with social, demonstrating the value of social, and why gaining the support of colleagues from other teams and departments is vital for success.

In this webinar, the exceptional Hel Reynolds will share tips and advice on how you can win over leaders in your organisation, and help them understand where social media fits and the benefits it delivers.

Hel Reynolds is an award-winning social media and digital communications professional helping organisations to be more strategic, create better content and grow supportive and engaged audiences.

What you’ll learn

  • The most common problems we face in getting leadership buy-in for social media
  • Why social media success often depends on colleagues from other teams and departments
  • Effective reporting and influencing strategies to help you win more support for social media
  • Plus, live Q&A at the end

Helen ReynoldsHelen Reynolds
Founder at Social For The People



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