How To Build a Beautiful Feed With Images on Instagram

People remember 80% of what they see, making Instagram a great opportunity for organisations to get their brand out in front of users, using beautiful visuals to tell a story and engage audiences.

We’re going back to basics on Instagram with tips for posting images to your Instagram feed!

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Use Images to Tell a Story

Think of your Instagram account like the front page of your organisation’s magazine. From a glance, users visiting your profile can understand your brand personality, see the types of content you share, and make authentic connections with you.

Create a brand story using your feed that shows another side of your organisation than what is presented on other social media platforms.

Greater Manchester Police proudly shows their history with nostalgic content on their Instagram feed, just like this post about a police officer working at her desk back in 1975.


Share Statistics Visually

On a spreadsheet, statistics can look dry and confusing. When a single statistic is taken out and arranged into a beautiful visual, they can be memorable, impactful, and support the narrative you’re explaining in your Instagram caption.

Use a relevant statistic from verified sources or conduct your own surveys to gather valuable insight to share with your audience via an Instagram photo.

Octopus Energy uses creative graphics to frame interesting statistics that show how they’re helping towards a more sustainable future. Not only does this image share a statistic about how much CO2 is being saved, but it also puts it into a context that their audience can understand while being an all-around beautiful image!


Curate Your Magazine Cover

How you arrange your Instagram feed determines the user’s first impression of your organisation when they first check out your account. A carefully curated feed will look more professional and thought-out than a disorganised feed with random visuals.

Set out your feed intentionally and plan the images you’re going to use ahead of time. By planning your feed, you can see how each image will fit into your feed to create a cohesive, overarching brand story so your audience can get to know your organisation.

The University of Greenwich regularly share images of students and staff around the campus, creating a beautiful feed that captures the diversity of their students, while connecting them all to the university.


Be Aware of Photo Nudging

If you’re a habitual Instagram user, you may have recently been scrolling through your feed and come across an image that doesn’t make sense, or a caption that’s exactly the same as something you’ve already read, just with a different image.

This is called “photo nudging”, and it happens when an account posts a photo carousel. Instagram will show the user the same post in their feed again, skipping to the second photo in the carousel.

When a user is getting to know you, every piece of information you publish should make sense, and add a little more to your brand story so you can connect authentically with them.


Crafting an authentic, informative story on Instagram is super simple you can build relationships with your audience just by posting images into a creative feed and showing your organisation’s personality.