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Did you catch our recent webinar on how to improve your engagement on social media? 

We invited Helen Reynolds, one of the founders of Comms Creatives, to share her top tips on getting your audience involved more on your social platforms.  

Helen’s a specialist in helping social media pros like you create the very best social content for your organisation. So it was no surprise she was brimming with ideas.  

In this webinar we reveal the insider knowledge on supercharging your social with community engagement.  

Here’s a reminder of some of our winning advice… 

How to get better engagement on your channels 

First things first: you need eyes on your posts.  

Which means making sure you’re creating the kind of content your audience just can’t resist clicking on.  

And we talked about lots of ways to do it. 

From asking questions people have to answer, to showing gratitude for your community.  

From posting a poll or a picture of your office dog, to running a competition or sharing news about an event. 

Ideally, you’ll be putting out a mix of all those kinds of content, and others. 

Because once the social platforms see you’re getting attention, their cunning algorithms will show your stuff in even more of your target audience’s feeds.  

And pretty soon, you’ll have a snowball effect, with each new post building higher levels of engagement. 

Sounds good, right? But don’t worry if you’ve still got some work to do 

We know what it’s like – in the busy world of social, it’s all too easy to get pulled back into creating run-of-the-mill content. Even after you’ve been inspired by a fab webinar.  

So now’s the time to bust out of your comfort zone and supercharge your social. 

You’ll find all our hints and tips in our handy guide, available for you to download now. Refer back to it whenever you need to shake things up on social and get the engagement you deserve. 

The guide’s packed full of info on: 

  • How to build a solid social strategy (spoiler: engagement’s not the endgame) 
  • Understanding the algorithms – and how to work with them 
  • How to create thumb-stopping content every time. 

PLUS there’s bags of inspiration and examples so you can start supercharging your social straight away.  

It won’t be long before your community’s liking, commenting and sharing your posts like never before. 

Supercharge your social 

Missed the webinar? You can still catch up here. Or simply download our guide to supercharging your social with community engagement to get all the tips and tricks you need.   

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