Develop your Social Media Skills with the SoCrowd Academy

We know that as passionate social media, marketing, and customer service professionals you’re always looking to improve your content, service, or management.

That’s why we’re so excited to launch the SoCrowd Academy – a place to learn more about all aspects of social media and provide inspiration, advice, and guidance to help you achieve results!

We partnered with award-winning social media and communications professional Helen Reynolds to create 14 free lessons on a host of topics, complete with worksheets, checklists, and further resources to put your learnings into action.

You can see a sneak peek of some of the lessons below, or click here to view the full list and enrol for free!

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Other lessons in the series include:

Our future vision

These lessons are only the start, we’ll be building the Academy out over the coming year with help and advice from a range of social media heroes to support your use of social.

Digging deeper into some of these topics, as well as adding some new lessons on paid social, social media policies and guidelines, and social media customer service.

But we’d love to hear your thoughts – are there any specific topics you’d like us to focus on? Get in touch @SoCrowd or email!

How to get started

If you’d like to join the SoCrowd Academy, all you have to do is follow this link to register and be notified when the first lesson goes live.

You’ll then have free access to each of the weekly lessons, ready for you to watch on-demand and at your own pace!

We really hope you enjoy the Academy and please do let us know your thoughts and feedback on each lesson by tweeting us @SoCrowd, or by email to!