Customer service Social Media Management Software (SMMS) should not be faceless

24249851_mThe most successful businesses have all recognised that customer service is key priority and those that get it right are those that are at the top of the rankings. In a world where social media is becoming increasingly important as a way to deliver effective customer service it is also critical that those providing services around the delivery of social media should also get it right.

According to case studies from The Times 100, client satisfaction is achieved by paying attention to individual needs. That should be an important goal for any service business and just because the product is an IT product doesn’t mean that the service behind it should fall short and be solely reliant on IT to deliver that service.

Those who make the best use of social media and have the greatest number of users also need a Social Media Management Software (SMMS) tool. These tools give greater control over all social media, whilst at the same time ensuring the user gets the best return. However, believing that you will not encounter any software problems from such a system is a utopia. Marketing departments who use social media management are skilled at social media use but are not necessarily highly skilled in IT. As such you might want to find how dedicated the company is to serving its clients and what their support standards are before you invest in such a system.

Social Media is an area of constant change. Usage has grown hugely and we have seen massive uptake in the use of LinkedIn, the continual evolution of YouTube, the addition of more features than ever by Facebook and Twitter is becoming an all-day update medium. The world and pace of change of social media is quite astonishing. The importance of software tools to sit alongside usage is thus becoming evermore vital.

SMMS are tasked with keeping pace with these changes, so before committing to a system take a step back and assess your needs to make sure that any tool or software you choose meets your expectations. Here are some of the key things to consider:

  1. Don’t just buy a password and a login screen;
  2. Check whether the product offers customer service from a team of experts or is it one whereby all support is online:
  3. Will you and your staff be personally trained to use the software in the right way;
  4. Do you want a face to talk to and work closely with or just another nameless group of people whom you might never meet or hear from?

How important is it for you to be treated differently? Your needs might be similar to others but they can’t possibly be the same, so before you rush into any decisions learn more about the customisation of the software. Find out if they provide you with personal consultation to understand the unique nature of your business needs before you are set up with a useless one-size-fits-all account.

At SoCrowd we put our customers at the heart of our business and we build long-term relationships with our clients from the very first day we start working with them. We respect the uniqueness of our clients and invest time and effort in channelling our expertise into tailoring the software to their needs. Consultation is an ongoing process; we speak with our clients on a regular basis and constantly offer free advice on how to make better use of the system. When they report a problem our support team is able to respond and initiate investigations in a timely manner. That is why we choose to stay local; keeping both our support and tech team close, training them to work as one we are proud to provide exceptional client service of SoCrowd standards. If you want a man not a machine then give us a call.