6 Quick Collaboration Tips for Your Social Media Team

To get the most out of your organisation’s social media channels, you need to be able to collaborate effectively in a team. We’ve put together our top tips for creating collaborative processes for your social media team!

#1: Keep Communication Clear

Especially during a time where most people are remote working, creating a space for clear and consistent communication between your team is paramount. Prompt answers and clear messages are the keys to collaborating effectively, no matter where you’re working from.

Use a messaging service or chat room for instant conversations as though you’re working in the same place together. Our new chatroom feature means that you can instantly chat and collaborate without ever leaving the platform!

#2: Share Responsibilities

Many hands indeed make light work. Involving more colleagues means that you can ensure all inbound messages are replied to promptly and effectively, while still having the time to publish consistent, creative content. 

By having members of different teams involved in social media, you can assign an enquiry to a particular colleague that would be best at answering that question, cutting down the time taken going back and forth to get an answer.

#3: Maintain Oversight

The benefits of having more colleagues involved in social media far outweigh any negatives. However, it adds an extra layer of complexity when it comes to keeping track of who is doing what.

Ensure that anything posted or responded to on social media is attached with an audit trail, so everything can be traced back to the origin. This is best done by having an individual login for each user, so you can clearly see who said what!

#4: Seek Extra Sign-off

If you have less experienced or less confident members in your social media team, there‚Äôs no reason why they can’t still get involved in posting and interacting with your audience. 

Creating a validation or sign-off process for your team means that all their content is first checked by a colleague before going live. This can be a great way to build experience and confidence within your social media team, to create a group of social media superstars!

#5: Plan Ahead

Finding the sweet spot between too much and too little content on social media can be a challenge, especially with multiple team members working together. 

By using a content calendar that can be accessed by all members of the team, you can have a holistic view of content that is coming up, gaps in the schedule, and important dates that need highlighting on your social media channels.

#6: Provide Audience Notes

If an interaction you have with a user then gets picked up by another colleague, it’s always good for them to have any extra information and context to go along with the conversation.

The best way to do this is to keep a record of extra customer/audience notes that may be useful to refer back to in the future. Having access to this extra information will enhance your colleague’s ability to exceed expectations and delight the customer.


Whether you’re delivering exceptional customer service, or a more creative approach to content campaigns, collaborating with a team is the number one way to achieving success on social media. Putting processes in place, implementing a social media management platform and facilitating seamless communication is the key to effective and successful social media collaboration within your team.