5 Powerful Valentine’s Day Campaigns Breaking the Mould on Social Media

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we generally think of it as a day dedicated to celebrating romantic couples. But as these 5 brands prove, there’s a whole lot more to Valentine’s Day than meets the eye.

We’ve complied our list of the top Valentine’s social media campaigns we’re loving because they’re brave, bold, and challenge perceptions to create memorable and emotive content.

As always, this is by no means an exhaustive list as there are so many great social campaigns out there! If you’ve spotted something you believe should be on this list, please let us know @SoCrowd!

1. NHS

This first campaign is a lovely example of how organisations can broaden the scope of Valentine’s Day to ensure it’s a more inclusive celebration.

In this case, the NHS have launched a fantastic and moving campaign to recognise all of the hard work that those in the NHS put into delivering the care that they do.

Including a great hashtag has helped the organisation to collect together lovely stories and messages that they can share with colleagues and on their social media channels across the country. This is a real feel-good campaign co-ordinated seamlessly across the UK!

2. Food Standards Agency

Lots of us will be heading out for a nice meal to celebrate this special day, but with it can come some unexpected risks.

The Food Standards Agency have created this super powerful campaign in partnership with social media influencer, Jack Fowler to encourage people to speak up about allergies and food intolerances.

This post is targeting concerns that some people with allergies might have that declaring them could in some way damage their image. By working with an influencer the Food Standards Agency are helping to make a stand and change this perception by bringing the topic to the dinner table, literally!

Have you considered how working with influencers could help you to communicate messages more effectively to your target audience?

3. Time to Change

While lots of the focus of Valentine’s Day is on romantic couples, there are lots of other types of relationships that deserve to be celebrated.

The mental health charity, Time to Change have recognised this in their campaign that shines a light on the fact that Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to check in with loved ones, whether they’re friends, colleagues, family, or your romantic partner.

Their approachable video helps to show just how easy it is to make a difference to someone’s day and start conversations that can be life-changing!

4. Barnsley Council

This campaign from Barnsley Council caught our attention because it not only tackles a crucial topic, but it bridges the gap between online and offline communication to drive the message home.

As part of the campaign the council have spread 250 roses across the area, each with a note attached encouraging individuals who are victims of domestic abuse to #SpeakUp and get help. As residents spot these roses, they’re taking photos of them or with them which has created lots of additional content that’s spreading the message and reaching more and more people than the council could alone.

Have you considered how to bring your online campaigns offline and drive more audience engagement?



Last but definitely not least, this content from UNICEF speaks for itself.

If like us, you were shocked, told friends about it, and remembered it for days after then you know this is a special post.

Cleverly posed as a viral-style video, this campaign draws audiences in and packs a powerful punch to illustrate just how important tackling child marriage is. It’s got people talking and paying attention which is a key starting point to make change!

Those were our Valentine’s Day loves – some fantastic campaigns that challenge the conventional view of Valentine’s to share crucial messages. As always, this is not an exhaustive list and if we had space to feature 100 campaigns we would! But for now we want to hear from you – what Valentine’s Day content has caught your eye, got you thinking, made you laugh, or even stole your heart?! Let us know @SoCrowd or email us at marketing@crowdcontrolhq.com.