5 Organisations Adapting Their Social Media Strategy for COVID-19

It’s no secret that the social media landscape has radically changed in the past few weeks, with many organisations adapting their strategy to meet the needs of their audiences. We’ve highlighted five top organisations rising to the challenge of social media during the lockdown!

Be Authentic & Forthcoming

Across all sectors in the UK, services will be disrupted or adapted to the current situation. Use social media as a communication tool to keep your audience updated and avoid additional customer service enquiries from frustrated or confused customers.

Housing associations like Platform Housing Group will still have essential maintenance work to carry out in their homes. By keeping tenants updated on the safety procedures, they will be happier to allow key workers into their homes without fear of infection.

Help Out Where You Can

With many facilities closed, and people stuck in their homes, daily routines have been disrupted or stopped altogether. If possible, adapt your services to offer online versions that your audience can get involved with to help them adjust to this new ‘normal’ way of living.

Bannatyne Health Club is broadcasting a whole host of free workouts each week, helping gym members, as well as non-members, stay active and healthy while they’re at home.

Share Positive Stories

During a time of confusion and uncertainty for many, good news stories provide your audience with positive, uplifting messages that can drive meaningful engagement and brighten someone’s day. Share feel-good stories from the community, positive team updates or even some furry remote-working colleagues!

Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles recently shared how they had relocated some of their gym equipment to allow recovering patients in their community to exercise.

Promote Ways to Get Involved 

There’s nothing better than seeing the community rally around to help out others, especially during a time of such great need. Use your organisation’s social media channels to get involved in donation drives and initiatives to help causes in your area.

Leicestershire County Council did exactly that by joining forces with other local organisations to donate much-needed PPE equipment to vital services in the county. They also included details on where other local businesses could go to find out where to go and how to join the effort.

Empathise With Your Audience

No matter what your audience’s current situation is right now, everyone is feeling some level of anxiety and uncertainty. Posting content that acknowledges this and helps your audience to overcome it shows you genuinely care and helps you to connect meaningfully.

Northfield Community Partnership is no stranger to supporting their audience. They publish regular posts about how they can help local people, including mental health check-ins like this one below.


As people adjust to this new ‘normal’, your audience will be turning to you on social media more than usual. It’s important to be consistently present with valuable content to keep your audience engaged and thriving.

If you’re still wondering what sort of content you should be posting on social media right now, check out our webinar on Managing Social Media Through Times of Change, which goes through the fundamental principles and examples of social media content you can post right now.