5 Free Tools for Creating Fantastic Content on Mobile!

Over the course of 2018, more social media users than ever will be accessing their accounts on the move, and that includes marketers. Whether its live tweeting from events or scheduling content while out with local teams, the ability to quickly create visually grabbing content from your mobile is essential!

In today’s blog we have listed our top 5 free apps to help bring your social media content to life, straight from your phone!

1. Canvacanva-478081-edited-920146-edited.png

Canva is an image editing tool that allows the user to design templates for presentations, social media graphics and infographics all in one place. The built-in image library filled with both free and paid for photos with optional filters, shapes, icons and fonts means there is no need to leave the app until ready to post on your chosen social media account.

Once you have built a template that generates a great response from your audiences, this template can be shared with colleagues. This is a great way to share best practice, promote team collaboration and drive further efficiencies!

2. Quik


Do your audiences love live action videos? If so, Quik is the app for you! Much like Canva, Quik is an editing tool which allows you to create social ready content in minutes. Created by GoPro, the app is designed to help users quickly and easily edit videos, incorporating images from your mobile.

To play alongside your video, Quik lets you choose from over 100 copyright free songs, or a song of your own, adjusting the video transitions to play in time with the beat of your chosen song. 

3. Aviary


Created by Adobe, this photo editing tool is a powerful addition to any marketer’s kit bag. The app allows you to create and edit images in seconds, using dozens of enhancements including adjusting the contrast and colour, and adding filters and effects. Once created you can instantly share your creations with your audience.

There is also the option of using stickers, overlays and frames, that can help your organisation to quickly provide additional details such as the position you are recruiting for over the top of a great image of your team day out.

4. Captivate for Instagramcaptivate-777608-edited.png

The Captivate App is an Instagram specific tool designed to help marketers to grow their accounts. It does this by helping you to identify groups of Instagram users with similar interests. Not only does this allow you to get a better understanding of the market, but also to develop strategies for reaching out to these groups, whether that is by using specific hashtags that they follow, or through more targeted paid posting.

Captivate has been designed with organisations in mind, and therefore like SoCrowd there are some specific functions to ensure efficiencies when managing multiple Instagram accounts.

5. IG Analyzeranalyzer-178494-edited.png

The final tool is also designed specifically for Instagram but with more of a focus on reporting on your activity. The app allows you to see which of your followers are disengaged with your content, which followers are most engaged and how your following is changing over time.

Again, having this knowledge can help marketers to refine and hone your content to appeal to your audiences and measure and track performance against realistic targets, all while on the move.

The SoCrowd App

mobile.jpgSo there you have it, 5 great tools to help you with social on your mobile. Once you’ve created your extremely engaging and utterly brilliant content you’ll want to post it – the SoCrowd app makes it easy for SoCrowd customers to publish content to all of your social media accounts from wherever you are.

The SoCrowd app allows you to schedule and post content to all your social accounts, and also monitor and engage with inbound social messages, all from the ease of your mobile!

We can’t wait to see your creations, share them with us @SoCrowd . If you are an existing customer and want to learn more about the SoCrowd app, simply get in touch with our Customer Service team or your Account Manager.