3 Visual Content Tips for Growing Social Media Engagement

You know you should be using images and videos in your social media, but what’s the best way to maximise engagement? Take advice from our Social Media Academy to increase audience engagement with visuals!

Steer Clear of Corporate Images

No one likes stuffy corporate images on social media – stop reminding users that you’re marketing to them! If your social media platforms look too polished, you won’t look authentic. People want to buy from real people, so show the human side of your brand.

You may not realise it, but you have tons of potential content at your organisation already. Use your team, projects, or anything else that connects with your audience – the more authentic your images look, the better. The team at SoCrowd are always up to something interesting, being a perfect opportunity to celebrate the people behind the brand.

Not all stock photos are equal! Find a site where photographers share beautiful imagery that aligns with your brand without being impersonal. Need some help? We put together a list of our 8 favourite sites that break the mould for stock photos!

People Want Video Content

According to Hubspot, 54% of people want to see more videos from brands they support – more than any other content. Like anything though, it’s got to be the right content for your audience.

As with images, stay away from polished corporate videos on social media. Your audience wants a meaningful connection with you, not a video version of a press release. Consider what videos your audience already engages with; are they craving mini-tutorials or team introductions?

To support the launch of the SoCrowd Academy, we released a series of mini videos giving key takeaways from each lesson. This gave our audience a taste of what the Academy was about, as well as quick, actionable tips taken straight from the lessons.


Creating video content around your audience is the only way to ensure you connect with users. Remember, engagement is the name of the social media game!

Embrace the Future of Live Videos

Live video. Who would have thought two little words could be so scary? Anything could happen on a live video. The truth is, while live video may fill a lot of us with dread, they are the ultimate way to increase engagement. Facebook’s algorithm favours live videos, putting you front and centre of your audience. Networks love it so much that they notify users you’re going live, bringing even more people to your page.

The effects of a live video are much longer-lasting than the initial engagement. Live videos show how transparent and authentic your organisation is, increasing brand trust. You can’t be anything other than real on a live video, and people know this! Seeing the real people behind the organisation will create authentic, meaningful connections.


Images and videos aren’t the only types of visual content you can use in your social media strategy. Lesson 8 of our Academy explains other visuals you can use to upgrade your engagement. Spoiler alert, GIFs are not off-limits to a corporate organisation!


If producing visual content isn’t a central part of your social media strategy, now is the time to start. Use visuals that resonate with your audience and start that all-important conversation. Conversations build reputations, and reputations build a brand!

Want more advice on using image and video content in your social media strategy? Watch the free lesson to become a visual content superstar.

Do you use visuals in your social media strategy? Have you seen an increase in engagement since using more visual content? Tell us about it! @SoCrowd