12 SoCrowd Features You Might Not Know About

From helping you create relationships on social media to making it easier to measure your social outcomes, we’re continuously developing new features to ensure your organisation gets maximum value.

But with the wide range of tools available on SoCrowd you might be missing easy opportunities to work more efficiently, save time and maximise your results.

That’s why we’re sharing our Customer Success Team’s list of the top 12 SoCrowd features that will help you level up your social media engagement, management and analytics.

Engagement Features

1. Social media awareness days and hashtags calendar

Many of our readers will be familiar with our monthly social media content and hashtags calendars that we publish on our blog, but you might not know that we display all upcoming events in our software too.

That means you don’t even need to find our latest blog post, all the engagement opportunities you need are already in your calendar view ready for you to plan content around. Freeing up more of your time to get creative and helping you to more effectively collaborate on topical campaigns with colleagues.

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2. Facebook and LinkedIn audience targeting

When it comes to starting conversations and driving engagement, we know that your audiences are likely to be too varied to all find the same content interesting and relevant. It’s natural that you’ll have different segments of your audience who have different needs and so tailoring your content accordingly is super important.

One way to do this is through organic targeting. This is the practice of sending different content to different demographics of your following so that people will only see what’s relevant to them. To ensure this practice is easy to incorporate into your social media strategy we made organic targeting a part of the content creation process.

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 15.36.263. Facebook boosting

If you’re looking to expand your audience or reach new demographics on Facebook then boosting is a crucial tool. Facebook boosting is where you pay to show your content to set groups of people to ensure that it appears in their news feeds.

We know how important this process is to many of our customers’ social media strategies which is why we developed this feature in SoCrowd. It’s as simple as clicking the boost button on your content, selecting the audience you want to promote the content to, setting your budget and defining the end date. Meaning your paid and organic content can all be managed in one place!

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4. Conversations

One of the main elements of engagement on social media is customer service. As more and more people prefer talking to brands via social media than by phone or email, organisations have to be ready to respond.

While this might not sound too tricky on one social media account, in reality most organisations have multiple social profiles and questions could range from customer service to sales to PR. Which means having tools that can help you manage that complexity quickly is key to delivering the best service to your customers. With that in mind, we developed our social customer service suite, Conversations, which collates all of your inbound comments/questions from as many of your social media accounts as you require into one inbox. You can then assign these messages to different team members to action along with any notes and records of previous interactions to ensure you provide the best response.

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5. Quick responses

An additional feature of Conversations is our quick responses tool which allows you to create a bank of pre-approved responses to common questions. This saves a significant amount of time when responding to similar questions and frees up time to spend on more complex enquiries instead.

These replies are fully customisable so you can get creative with how you use them and when.


6. Image editing

All research points to the fact that not only can we absorb more information in picture form than we can in writing, but that images are more eye-catching and irresistible. That means that for organisations wanting to create more engagement on social media, posting more visual content should be a key part of your content strategy.

That doesn’t have to mean photos on their own, consider how you could get creative by adding text or additional information over images, or mix up your layouts/filters and add stickers. In SoCrowd you can use our built in image editor to make these edits as part of the publishing process!

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Management Features

7. Bulk upload posts

One of our most popular features for content management is the ability to upload posts in bulk from a CSV file. You might find that content planning in an Excel spreadsheet works best for you and your team, or you might be an agency that has to get content approved before you can post it for a client – either way, sending those posts out generally involves painful duplication of effort.

We knew we had to make it easier and faster for our customers working in this way so we built the bulk upload tool to do the heavy lifting for you.

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8. Inbound and outbound content controls

One important element of social media management is content control. We know that 99% of the time the content that your colleagues and teams create is brilliant and you want your customers’ voices to be heard. But occasionally things do go wrong, people have bad days and they use language that you don’t always want associated with your brand.

That’s why in SoCrowd you can set up dictionaries to flag inbound and outbound content including certain words for review by a manager. This could be inappropriate language, it could be topics you don’t want to discuss as an organisation, or it could be that you have to follow strict industry regulations and need to check they’re upheld.

Our content controls are flexible and scalable to your changing needs and simple and easy to use!

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 16.39.51

9. Crisis lock down

Crises can escalate at a frightening pace, especially on social media. In lots of cases, the degree to which a company’s reputation is damaged depends upon how quickly they act.

One of the immediate actions every organisation should take when crisis strikes is to suspend your scheduled content. You never know what content you have planned that could now seem insensitive or exacerbate the situation. So we developed this simple but mighty crisis button that will pause all of your scheduled content, buying you the time to check that it’s all still suitable to be posted.

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 15.12.46

10. Easy user and team management at scale

For many organisations, one of the greatest time vampires is managing which social media accounts your organisation owns and who has access to those accounts and through which passwords. SoCrowd takes that pain away by allowing you to manage all your colleagues’ social media access in one place with granular permissions to ensure it’s right for each individual.

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Analytics Features

11. Campaign tracking

When you invest significant amounts of time, effort and money into specific campaigns or initiatives on social media, it’s important to be able to measure the impact of that effort in isolation.

Without a tool this can be a painful task working back through your posts and collating data on your KPIs like clicks, shares, comments or followers. In SoCrowd you can tag inbound and outbound content as part of customised campaigns as you go, so that when you’re ready to report on the outcomes of your initiative the stats are ready and waiting for you.

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 13.37.19

12. Analytics dashboard

Another quick win feature is our analytics dashboard that’s designed to be really visual to help you get a clear view of how you’re performing against your key success metrics. These metrics can be adapted and switched around depending on what’s important to you and your organisation and illustrate whether you’re ahead, on track, or behind on your social media objectives.

Simply select the date range you want to report on, the social media accounts you want to include, and select any relevant campaigns. This report is a great option to share with management teams or in reports, providing your colleagues with the high-level information they need in an easy to digest format in just a couple of clicks!

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If you’d like to talk to a member of our Customer Success Team to discuss how you could use any of these tools, please get in contact at marketing@crowdcontrolhq.com.